How-To Setup TennisPoint as an ALTA Designee on your Team
1. Log into your ALTA Account
In your browser, go to ALTA's website ( and enter your ALTA username and password and sign in.
2. Go to "My Rosters"
After you have logged into your ALTA Account, you can now navigate to your "My Rosters" page which is where your team is located.   Players & Facilities --> Rosters --> My Rosters
3. Select Your Team
To select the team, click on the "Select" link for the team. This link will take you to where you can add a Designee to your team - it is also where you can add more players to your team too. You can search for the Team (Roster) you are looking for as well if needed.
4. Open Designee Tab
When viewing your selected team, the different items are divided by top navigation tabs. The last tab is the "Designee" tab and the one which you will click on.
5. Add New Designee
Click on the "Add" button to add a new Designee to the team. If you have any previous team designees, they will be listed in the box above the Add Button.
6. Search for TennisPoint's ALTA Account (103-233-719)
You will need TennisPoint's ALTA number (103-233-719) and enter it into the ALTA number search field. After you Search with TennisPoint's ALTA number, it will find our user "TP Member" -- now you simply "Select" our account to add TennisPoint as the Designee.
7. Designee Added
After you "Selected" TennisPoint's ALTA member (Step 6), you will then see it in the Designees box.
8. Remember to click Save Button!
You haven't added TennisPoint as a Designee until you click the "Save Button"! Ensure you click the save

Test Designee Setup
Roster ID of Designee Team
Where is it? Notice the location on the picture in Step 3 above
So what does being a designee allow us to do?
It allows us to view your player roster so that we can confirm your players in TennisPoint. It also allows us to view the team's schedule once it is published and import it into your TennisPoint as well. Plus, the great thing with it being a "designee" is it allows you to keep your personal ALTA username/password private and still have complete control over everything!