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Did your team captain ask you to join Great you just need to sign up (Free) so that you can receive your match schedule and communications about your team and matches. Join...
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Single Team Captain ($14.95 per team season)
If you captain only 1 team per year or your team trades around the captain's duties, then the Single Team Captain is just right. This fee includes the captain, 2 co-captains, coach and unlimited free players with NO other costs for the season! See below for full details! Join...
Captain Multiple Teams Annually ($49.95 per year)
If you captain multiple teams in a year, then this is most economical way to manage your teams with TennisPoint's powerful captain's tools! You can manage up to 12 teams (3 active at once) per membership year with 2+ co-captains per team, team coach and unlimited free players! See below for full details! Join...

Easily create schedules and lineups, communicate with your players, and avoid sandbagging pitfalls. Manage up to 12 teams in your membership year with 3 teams active simultaneously. Join...
What does cost my team's players?
TennisPoint is free for all your players, granted they don't have all the same functionality as captains. The free player membership includes calendar and communications tools needed for your players to stay up- to-date. If your players just need to know where they need to be, when they need to be there, and what they need to bring, then the Free Player membership is all they need. When you choose TennisPoint, you're not requiring them to spend money! See below for full details. Join...
Can I Captain Multiple Teams?
Yes, with the Annual Membership you can manage up to 12 teams in a year with 3 teams active at any one time. Got more teams, league, HOA or tennis Club? No problem just contact us.
Do Co-Captains also have to pay?
Team Co-Captains will pay nothing ($0) and 2+ co-captains are included for every team!
Can I share my personal yearly membership with the other team captains in my Neighborhood/HOA?
No, your personal yearly TennisPoint membership is to be used only for the tennis teams you personally captain/co-captain. We do also have Yearly Club/HOA memberships available too... contact us!

  TennisPoint Memberships
Basic Features    
Match Calendar- Always know where to be and what to bring
Confirm Your Match Availability
Google Maps & Directions To Matches
Record and Track Your Stats Across Multiple Leagues & Seasons
Message Center - Communicate With Your Teams and Captains
Division Standings for Your Current Teams
See Weather Forecasts for Your Matches
Basic Player Profile - Photo, Name, Contact Info (can be kept private)
Facility Search - Find Places to Play, See Ratings, Photos & Maps
Advanced Features    
Advanced Player Profile  
Upload Photos from your Matches  
Create And Schedule Flex Matches and Fun Play  
Easily Schedule Play for Multiple Players With Our Powerful Match Scheduler  
Manage and Track All of Your Teams and Leagues In One, User-friendly, Place  
Address Book - Easily Find and Contact People You've Played Previously  
Power Features for Team Captains    
Single TennisPoint Account To Manage All Your Active Teams Simultaneously (no logging in/out)  
Captain or co-captain up to 3 teams at once - any type including USTA, ALTA, NorCal, Flex and others!  
Add/Edit Players  
Track Player Availability  
Quickly Create Team Schedules  
Easily Create Match Lineups  
Get Match Confirmations From Your Players All In One Place - Instead of Using Email  
Advanced Team Communication Tools - Communicate With Entire Team Instantly.  
Aggregated Team Playing Stats  
Real-time ALTA Playoff Calculator (excel download as well)  
Save Draft Lineups to privately pre-plan with co-captain/coach  
ALTA Player Registration Verification  
ALTA Sandbagging Rules  
ALTA Scorekeeper  
USTA Player Registration Verification  
Manage Team Practices and Know Who is Attending Each Week  
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